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This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Disney Junior. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

My family and I share many special moments together and it amazes me how many of those moments have been inspired by Disney Junior.  My family as a whole is a big fan of the many shows on it.  Not only are they fun to watch, but they are also educational and teach great life lessons as well.  For instance, ‘Doc McStuffins’ is such an adorable show, but in addition to this, what a great role model she is for little girls too!  We love that ‘Doc McStuffins’ mom is a real doctor and that when Doc McStuffins grows up she wants to be a doctor too.  It’s so great that she uses her imagination to be a doctor to all of her toys and in doing so children learn through her the importance of taking care of themselves and keeping healthy.  She also shows how little girls can be something as important as a doctor when they grow up.  My husband and I watch this show all the time with our 5 year old Madison.  Of course our daughter not only loves watching Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior, but she also loves dressing up like her as well.  

DocMcStuffinsDocOur 14 month old is already beginning to enjoy Disney Junior too because since her older sister often has it on, she therefore has become exposed to some of its programming also.  One morning during breakfast, while we were getting Madison our oldest daughter ready for preschool, the Disney Junior ‘DJ Shuffle’ song came on and our little one Mia just started dancing.  It was adorable and hilarious all at the same time and it absolutely made for a special moment we shared that I luckily caught on video. Click the Video link below to see Mia dancing it:

VIDEO: Mia dancing the DJ Shuffle 

Another special moment for us as a family are all of the fun Disney movies we watch together on Friday evenings during the ‘Magical World of Disney Junior.’  We really enjoy watching those together and I love how the films inspire my little girls to play dress-up and use their imaginations.

Our little Captain Hook!
Our little Captain Hook!
Minnie Bowtique!
Minnie’s Bowtique!
Princess Dress Up Is Fun!
Princess Dress Up Is Fun!
'Cinderella' One of Our Favorite Movies On 'The Magical World of Disney'
‘Cinderella’ One of Our Favorite Movies On ‘The Magical World of Disney Junior’
I can't believe I'm standing next to "THE" Tinkerbell.
I can’t believe I’m standing next to “THE” Tinkerbell.

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