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I honestly have so many blessings to thank the Lord above for.  My family and I have our health.  I have a great husband and two daughters that we adore.  My husband and I have parents that are healthy and with us.  We are homeowners who live in a very nice community in Southern California.  Yes, I do know that I am blessed, so thank you Jesus for all of it!

I do believe in Dream Journals though.  I think it’s a great way to hold ourselves accountable for the things we want out of life.  So here is mine:

1. Get Out Of Debt/Financial Freedom: No more credit cards!  Who doesn’t want this? I can’t think of anyone.

financial-freedom FinancialFreedom2

2. Have my Umbilical Hernia and Muscle Repair surgery!  The hernia is covered by insurance, but the muscle repair isn’t and it cost almost $7,000.00!  Yikes! I guess I will continue living with back pain until we can cover that portion of the surgery.  #PostPregnancyProblems    


3. Continue remodeling our home.  I love our house, but there are several projects that still need to be accomplished in it.

Dream Bathroom
Dream Bathroom

 4. Retire my husband. I would love to make enough money from my home businesses so that my husband could retire and work more on his passion, which is filmmaking!  Although, I have to say, he does love his current career too, and so of course that is a blessing in itself also.


5.  Have the financial freedom to afford us Piano lessons for our girls and also get them a Piano!



6. Get back into singing, would love to be able to take steady voice lessons again!


7. Take Annual Family Vacations!  


So that’s it in a nutshell, my Dream Journal for now. What’s in yours?

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