‘Princess Cupcake Jones,’ One of Our New Favorite Books!

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‘Princess Cupcake Jones,’ One of Our New Favorite Books!

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of ‘Princess Cupcake Jones’ for the review.  I always provide my honest opinion when reviewing any book or products.


If you have a little girl like me who is already a fan of books like ‘Fancy Nancy’ or ‘Pinkalicious,’ then she will absolutely love ‘Princess Cupcake Jones!’ Not only is this book adorably illustrated with vibrant pictures for both parents and children to enjoy, but it’s also written in a fun poetry style that rolls off the tongue like a song, while teaching children wonderful everyday lessons that need to be learned.

As soon as the lovable, independent, and spirited character ‘Princess Cupcake Jones’ landed in our home, my 6 year old daughter Madison instantly gravitated to her. She didn’t want to wait until bedtime to read about ‘Princess Cupcake Jones,’ but instead she made herself comfy on the couch and starting looking through the book immediately to find out what her adventures would be.

My daughter really liked ‘Princess Cupcake Jones’ first book, ‘Princess Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu.’  In this story, Princess Cupcake loses her beloved tutu.  While looking for it, she learns the valuable lesson about the importance of tidying up and putting things in their proper place and she also finds some hidden treasures along the way.

 My daughter Madison already can’t wait to read the second book in the Series now too, ‘Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go To School.’ This story delivers an important message about facing fears in regards to starting school.  It helps children and their parents learn about sharing feelings, taking risks, and being supportive of new adventures.

I really love the fact that ‘Princess Cupcake Jones,’ is a Princess who lives in a palace and yet she is still expected to have responsibilities and chores like any other typical child. She’s a down-to-earth relatable little girl and little girls everywhere will enjoy her adventures.  I also find it spectacular to have a children’s book, where the adorable lead character is a little girl who is African American. I think this diversity is important for all little girls to experience.

So in the words of my daughter Madison, “Mama, ‘Princess Cupcake Jones’ is now one of our new favorite books!”

Yes, Madison, it is.

If you would like to find out more about ‘Princess Cupcake Jones’ or shop for any  ‘Princess Cupcake Jones’ products go to  www.princesscupcakejones.com.




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