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1. Renata, you’re a successful business woman who is the Founder and
CEO of Outstanding You and you’re also a radio host. Tell us exactly
what Outstanding You and your radio show are all about? What inspires
you in both of these worlds?

Outstanding You is a multidirectional company.  One of our main directions is to organize and host events. Outstanding You is about making yourself perform on the highest level. We are who we think we are.  I strongly believe that every woman is outstanding and I believe I can help women achieve just this.  With proper exercise, nutrition, yoga, meditation, make-up, hair and clothing.  I believe all of this combined will make a person feel outstanding.

I am also a Master of Ceremonies and a radio host. One of the most recent
radio shows I did was called, ‘Between us Women.’  This program was
about our everyday lives: our conflicts, problems, passions and issues.

I become inspired by helping women to learn about themselves
and the best thing about this radio program is that you can learn and
grow by just listening.  Many people don’t want to talk about their
problems, however they can still learn by listening to other women who
are going through the same situation.  You don’t always need to talk to

2. Your plate seems to be very full with your business and radio show,
so how did you end up becoming a part of the Lifetime TV show ‘Russian
Dolls’ and what made you want to be on it?

I always like to try something new.  For me this is a way to grow and
evolve.  Evolving makes me feel outstanding.  Without any modesty, I can
say that the producers of ‘Russian Dolls,’ Elina Miller, Alina Dizik as
well as Ed Simpson found in us, my husband Boris and I, among other
participants, an interesting couple to portray within our culture. And for us
it has been a new experience and a great opportunity.

3. I read an article which said that your 24 year old son begged you
not to do the show, is this true?  If so, what were his main concerns?
And what were your concerns, if you had any?

My son was concerned because reality shows tend to have this negative
stigma attached to them. He is proud of his mother and he only wants to protect me. He said he was worried that strangers who do not know me, will see me in a negative way.  He said, “Mom, reality TV makes people look bad and stupid, and that is not you.”  However, I’m old enough to know myself and since I’m just being myself on the show ‘Russian Dolls,’ I’m very comfortable with it.

4. The term ‘Russian Dolls’ is considered to be a controversial one to
some people, and there were reports of some negative backlash from the
Russian community about this new show, what are your feelings about
all this?

We are who we are.  There are six of us on the show and we are all
different and we care about different things in life.  This does not make
us good or bad, just different and outstanding in our own way.  We have
nothing to be ashamed of.  We are not acting; we are just being ourselves and living our lives.  You can meet us at Brighton Beach.  It’s like any other
culture with different personalities and we are proud of being who we

5. How did it feel having cameras on you all the time?  Were you able
to be yourself knowing they were there?

I was comfortable with the cameras.  The cameras didn’t change who I
was or how I acted. When they first start shooting, you may realize the
cameras are there, but after 15 minutes you disregard them and your conversations continue in a natural manner.

6. What were your hopes in doing the show?

I am open to new experiences and opportunities.  I strongly believe
that I would be able to share the Russian passion to the American culture. ‘Russian Dolls’ has provided me with a new avenue to communicate with American people and now the Russian Avenue in America will be broader.

7. Now that the show has aired, in what ways has it changed your life?

I have met so many interesting new people and I’m learning so much
from them.  Now, more than ever, doors are opening for me. I always
believed doors would open for me, and now I see that happening.  America
has given me so much and now more than ever, this is the best
opportunity yet. With this said, I know I can help to inspire many other
women to follow their dreams.

8. Is there anything you would have changed from the whole experience?

‘Russian Dolls’ is only a 30-minute show, but there is so much more that is not
being shown.  I wish the show could be longer so that the viewers can get to
know us better.  The audience is only seeing short, critical moments, but if
we had an hour I think our character’s development would be more evolved.

9. What are your goals for your future?

I would like to create not a Fashionista, but a Passionista movement in
American women.  It is my belief that being Classy, Chic and Passionate are the strongest alliance ever to become one.

Renata With Her Husband Boris
Renata With Her Husband Boris

A very special thank you to Renata Krumer and her family for sharing with us in this interview.

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